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These are a few helpful suggestions to maximize the usability of the NEMO wiki. This is a rough draft, and subject to change. Discussion and participation is encouraged.



Want to experiment with wiki editing? Feel free to edit as much as you want in the Sandbox.


Also see Useful Editing Tricks below.

There are useful editing and formating hints here:

Video Tutorials

Here's a list of video tutorials on using the NEMO wiki.

Useful Editing Tricks

Force a Table of Contents with less than four Section Headings

A TOC is added automatically as soon as you have more than three headers. To add one with fewer than four headers, type __FORCETOC__ anywhere on the page or __TOC__ at the position where you want to have the TOC. [1]

Sign your name

  • Just your name: ~~~
  • With a timestamp: ~~~~

Embed a PDF file

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the example.


Here's a link that will allow you to convert spreadsheets: Excel2Wiki


  • Attachments are not searchable.
  • Limit the use of attachments to scientific papers, external literature, and so forth.
  • Hesitate before adding an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment. Ask yourself if this information is truly best represented and/or is most usable in a spreadsheet, or if a wiki-fied version might be more suitable.
  • If you want to add an MS Word Document, hesitate before doing so. It can be a wiki article instead. Here's how:


  2. Jason hacked a working doc2mw script by using the referenced instructions as a guide. It is ugly, but it works decently. For batch jobs, ask Jason to do it for you. For small jobs (one or two docs), use the Quick and Dirty approach.

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