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Here are a few useful notes and links on administrating the NEMO wiki.

  • To edit the sidebar, edit MediaWiki:Sidebar as the Admin user. See this link.
  • To rename a page, see this link.
  • Unable to get docx, pptx, and xlsx to work after too many hours of trying. Giving up. - All filetypes now allowed. See Disable $wgVerifyMimeType below.
  • (Didn't work, see this.) How I allowed Powerpoint (pptx) files to be uploaded:
    1. on mecha as root, cd /var/www/html/wiki/
    2. in LocalSettings.php, added the following line:
      $wgFileExtensions[] = 'pptx';
    3. in includes/mime.types, changed this line
      application/ ppt
      like so
      application/ ppt pptx
  • Backups
    • wiki root is /var/www/html/wiki (labeled as $wr below)
    • script: $wr/
    • stored in: $wr/backup/
    • keeps only five copies
    • IGNORED by svn
    • runs as a cron job
  • Some documents migrated from the old trac can be found at Historical Documents


Disable $wgVerifyMimeType

Disable $wgVerifyMimeType to allow more permissive uploading of files (without this setting, the MIME checker rejects too many standard file types such as docx). Jason 17:23, 21 September 2009 (UTC)

Yes, this is a security risk, but mimimize its impact by disallowing anonymous editing and anonymous account creation. DO NOT ENABLE anonymous editing OR anonymous account creation!!!!

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