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Quick Links

Additional Links for NEMO Consortium

NEMO Consortium members are encouraged to participate in the development of NEMO ontologies.

Ontologies may be downloaded or viewed in their raw (.owl) format here. Alternatively, you may use the NCBO BioPortal tools to browse or visualize the NEMO ontologies (to visualize, follow the link and click on "Explore" for the most recent version). You may also use Haishan Liu's Ont2SS tool to generate a list of concepts (concept labels, URI), along with their definitions and other attributes.
Requests for additions and changes to the NEMO ontologies can be accomplished by submitting requests to the Tracker. To submit requests, you need a valid SourceForge account. Simply sign up for a SourceForge account and contact a NEMO administrator to have your account added to the project.
Discussions take place on the NEMO email discussion lists. Sign up for either the nemo-consortium list, the nemo-public list, or both. A valid email address is all that is needed.
Members can contribute to the NEMO wiki (contact a NEMO administrator to get an account).
/wiki/images/1/17/Fish1.png /wiki/images/e/ea/Fish2.png /wiki/images/f/fa/Fish3.png /wiki/images/f/ff/Fish4.png /wiki/images/4/40/Fish5.png /wiki/images/c/c5/Fish6.png
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