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Additional Links for NEMO Consortium

NEMO Consortium members are encouraged to upload new data to the NEMO database.

Raw EEG and ERP data may be uploaded to the NEMO FTP site. Please follow this link for information on accessing NEMO via FTP.
Discussions take place on the NEMO email discussion lists. Sign up for either the nemo-consortium list, the nemo-public list, or both. A valid email address is all that is needed.
Members can contribute to the NEMO wiki (contact a NEMO administrator to get an account).
/wiki/images/1/17/Fish1.png /wiki/images/e/ea/Fish2.png /wiki/images/f/fa/Fish3.png /wiki/images/f/ff/Fish4.png /wiki/images/4/40/Fish5.png /wiki/images/c/c5/Fish6.png
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