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NEMO sites will soon be OpenID enabled. Essentially, this allows you to use single signon to login to multiple sites.

These are rough notes on how to accomplish this. These notes will be cleaned up as support for OpenID is rolled out.


Getting an OpenID

Getting an OpenID is easy. In fact, you may already have one (for example, Google accounts are all openID enabled).

Example OpenIDs

To give you an idea of what an OpenID looks like, here are a few example OpenIDs that a user might have. (Yes, they are just URLs!!)

Supported OpenID Providers

You'll need to acquire an OpenID from one of the following sites (these are the only OpenID providers that Sourceforge supports):

  • Yahoo
  • WordPress (** must login to WordPress first)
  • Verisign PIP
  • Technorati (** must login to Technorati first)
  • myVidoop
  • myOpenID
  • LaunchPad
  • LiveJournal (** must login to LiveJournal first)
  • Google (** must login to Google first)
  • ClaimID
  • Blogger (** must login to Blogger first)
  • AOL

I personally like myOpenID because it easily shows you what sites you've been logged into recently.

More information can be found here.


Converting an existing NEMO Wiki account to use OpenID

  • Login as you normally would.
  • Goto Special:OpenIDConvert
  • Enter your OpenID URL and click "Log in"
  • Follow the instructions on the openid site to login to give the NEMO wiki access to login to itself using your openid.

Creating a new NEMO account with just an OpenID

  • Click the "Login with OpenID" link, and input your OpenID.
  • This will take you to your OpenID provider's page, where you will provide your OpenID password and follow the subsequent instructions.
  • Upon completion, you will be returned to the wiki and be asked to choose a wiki username.
  • Now you should be logged in, and future logins with the "Login with OpenID" link should work automatically.
  • But see this page.

Sourceforge NEMOontologies Project

Converting an existing Sourceforge account to use OpenID

  • Login as normal to Sourceforge
  • Click on Account in upper right corner
  • Click on Manage My OpenIDs
  • Click on Add an OpenID
  • Fill in your password and click on your preferred OpenID Provider, then "Log in"
  • Follow the directions on the page it takes you to.
  • Done!


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