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Technical documentation, reports and paper drafts are organized below by topic. Draft iterations are version controlled, so you may click on a particular document to see its revision history. We have deprecated use of our old technical reports website, NTK-Trac [1].

Recent Technical Reports (2009–present)

File:NEMO-TR-template.docx A template for NEMO technical reports (MS word .docx format).

  • File:NEMO-TR-2013-003 EEG preprocessing.docx Specifies matlab pipeline for preprocessing of EEG (all steps, beginning with continuous raw data and terminating with final, cleaned, baseline-corrected, reference-free ERPs).
  • File:NEMO-TR-2010-014 RDFtriples4ERPrules.docx This document enumerates the RDF triples that are need to classify ERP results of NEMO pattern analysis and metric extraction using the ERP pattern rules that expressed in NEMO.owl.
  • File:NNEMO-TR-2010-011 OntoDataLinking.doc This document briefly describes methods to build a first working model of the NEMO RDF database. "Working" means four things: (1) the database contains output from Bob Franks ERP metric extraction (matlab) script (2) these data are represented in RDF; (3) the data are linked to the NEMO ontology; and (4) the database can be queried using SPARQL. Also see File:NEMOdata2RDF ListFullURI complete.xls for a list of terms, and their corresponding URI, which are used in this first version of the ontologically structured RDF.
  • File:NEMO-TR2010-009 MIEME.docx Proposal for adapting the MIBBI standard (Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations; and harmonizing with BrainMap/cogPO to create MINEMO (Minimum Information for NEMO). MINEMO would be used to represent NEMO experiment meta-data to support cross-lab meta-analyses. Click File:MINIerp Lex.xlsx for a copy of the current set of MINEMO fields and links to NEMO ontologies.
  • File:NEMO-TR2010-008 NEMOdb-HeadITplanning.docx First pass on NEMO db design, including thoughts re HeadIT coordination, NEMO portal/db interface, and support for backend workflows (scripting analyses & running remotely on HeadIT node at UO), tracking of provenance and linking provenance to ontologies (see also MIEME).
  • File:NEMO-TR2010-005 ToolkitVersioning.docx Overview of toolkit file and folder structure, instructions for downloading, installing, and testing toolkit, and notes on versioning and release of NEMO ERP analysis toolkit on sourceforge.
  • File:NEMO-TR2010-004 ReuseOntologyConcepts.docx Describes NEMO approach to re-use of concepts (classes, relations) from other, related ontologies, such as NIF (neuroscience information framework), OBI (ontology for biological investigations), and cogPO (cognitive paradigm ontology). Click File:Nemo mappings.xls for a copy of the current set of NEMO mappings. These are also uploaded to Bioportal on a semi-regular basis.

NEMO Lexicon (NEMOlex)

See Ontology Development.

NEMO ERP Analysis Toolkit (NEMOanalyze)

NEMO ERP Pattern Decomposition.

NEMO ERP Pattern Segmentation.

NEMO ERP Metric Extraction.

ICBO 2009 Paper

TKDD 2008 Paper

KDD 2007 Paper



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