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This is an outline of information relevant to the architecture and maintenance of the portal, with links to further documentation where appropriate.

  1. Portal architecture
    • Essential support services / servers
    1. Git code repository
    2. Sourceforge repository
    3. Redmine project management / wiki for the portal
    4. NEMO wiki (this site)
    5. Master spreadsheet that lists all portal form fields and has development notes. Check out from sourceforge svn:
      $ svn co https://nemoontologies.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/nemoontologies/RDFdata/working/DataAcquisProv2RDF_spreadsheet
    • Three application server environments
    1. Local development on a laptop/desktop
    2. Development server: http://dev-portal.nemo.nic.uoregon.edu
    3. Production server: http://portal.nemo.nic.uoregon.edu
    • Components required in all environments
    1. Database: PostgreSQL 8.x
    2. Language support: Ruby 1.9.2p180
    3. Web application framework: Rails 3
    4. Version control: Git client
    5. Deployment: Capistrano
    • Additional components required in dev/prod environments
    1. nginx web server
    • Web app implementation details
    1. Authentication with [http://www.myopenid.com OpenID
    2. Authorization with CanCan
    3. Field wrappers
    4. Nav bar
    5. CSS styles
    6. Object hierarchy
  2. Administrative tasks in the portal
  3. Development tasks
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