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Production methods fall into three main categories; however, all production methods can be assisted with CAM and CAD equipment (Computer Aided Manufacture and Computer Aided Design – respectively).


Job Production and Prototype Production

Main article : Job production

Job Production is used to refer to when a product is produced with the labour of one or few workers. Job production is scarcely used for bulk and large scale production and mainly used for one off products or prototypes, as it is inefficient; however, quality is greatly enhanced with job production compared to other methods.Individual wedding cakes and made-to-measure suits are also examples of job production. New, small, firms often use job production, before they get a chance to expand. Job Production is usually motivating for workers, because it gives the workers an opportunity to produce the whole product and take pride in it.

Batch Production

Main article : Batch production

Batch production is the methods used to produce or process any How to export products or a product in groups, or batches where the products in the batch go through the whole production process together. An example would be when a bakery produces each different type of bread separately and each object (in this case, bread) is not produced continuously. Batch production is used in many different ways and is most suited to when there is a need for a quality/quantity balance. This technique is probably the most commonly used method for organising manufacture and promotes specialist labour, as very often batch production involves a small number of people.



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