Meeting Notes 20101201 NEMO consortium meeting - NEMO matlab toolkit updates (cont.)

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  • Convened by: NEMO core
  • Presenter: Bob Frank
  • Notes by: Bob Frank, Gwen Frishkoff
  • Where: WebEx
  • Attendees: Bob, Snezana, Tim, Chris, Kerry, Stephanie, Gwen



The goal for this meeting was to discuss Bob's NEMO matlab tools and how to fully the Demo and Tutorial scripts to check functionality of the Decomposition tools, in particular.


Action items

  • Consortium members: identify 2-4 ERP datasets (semantic priming, lexical decision, or old/new memory paradigms) and be ready to enter meta-data for these datasets and to process the data for Feb All-Hands Meeting.
  • Gwen/Jason: test out NEMO meta-data entry on portal (next week), and then send note to partners when ready
  • Gwen/Bob: update documentation (read me, tutorial, and other reference material) for NEMO ERP Analysis Toolkit

WebEx Recorded Archive

Click the link below to access:


NEMO Data Analysis-20101201 2025-1 Wednesday, December 1, 2010 4:42 PM New York Time 1 hour 11 minutes

/wiki/images/1/17/Fish1.png /wiki/images/e/ea/Fish2.png /wiki/images/f/fa/Fish3.png /wiki/images/f/ff/Fish4.png /wiki/images/4/40/Fish5.png /wiki/images/c/c5/Fish6.png
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