Meeting Notes 20101116 NEMO consortium meeting - NEMO matlab toolkit updates

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  • Convened by: NEMO consortium
  • Presenter: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Notes by: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Where: WebEx
  • Attendees: Gwen, Kerry, Stephanie, Tim, Chris, Srinivas



The goal for this meeting was to discuss any issues people have had in setting up SVN/Subversion access to Bob's NEMO metlab tools and in running the Demo and Tutorial scripts.


  • Gwen reminded people that the NEMO ERP Analysis toolkit is now available through the Sourceforge repository:
  • She demonstrated again how the repository can be accessed through an SVN GUI such as Versions
  • She then demonstrated how to set the path to each of the three tool modules (Decomposition, Segmentation, and Metric Extraction) in matlab ("Add with subfolders" > select each module in turn and save)

Action items

  • Everyone: Please set up SVN links to NEMO sourceforge repository:

For Mac users who like to use a GUI rather than command line interface, consider purchasing the shareware, Versions:

  • Tool testers: Please make sure that you can successfully run the Demo scripts under NEMO Decomposition, NEMO Segmentation, and NEMO Metric Extraction. Please contact Bob ( and cc Gwen ( if you have any technical issues. Please also note that you can formally report bugs and feature requests via NEMO sourceforge:

WebEx Recorded Archive

The WebEx recorded archive can be downloaded or played online from the following link:


NEMO Teleconference-20101117 1702-1 Wednesday, November 17, 2010 0:50 PM New York Time 44 minutes

If you need assistance, you can contact me at

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