Meeting Notes 20101020 NEMO core meeting - NEMO portal demo and presentation

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We presented recent work on the [NEMO portal] and demo'ed it as well.


There are two sets of slides since there were two presenters:

Jason's Notes

Not many notes here, since I was presenting! Roughly:

  • Infrastructure to support project is up and running, including:
    • Git code repository
    • Redmine (project management software)
    • Yard Documentation
    • Capistrano Multistage Deployments
    • mod_rails (rails on Apache via Passenger)
    • OpenID for single login (signon)
  • Described mapping from ontology to database, specifically:
    • ontology terms => database columns
    • ontology terms => choices in a drop down box
  • Described code that allows us to provide a tooltip to the ontology term for a form element (such as a text field label)
  • Described Class Table Inheritance implementation for DataFile < Artifact

Action items

  • Dejing suggests that Jason speak with Paea regarding best strategy for data modeling -- specifically, is Class Table Inheritance a good approach?
  • Dejing suggests looking at Paea's paper on building a database directly from an ontology.
  • Jason will fix "unoptimized SQL performance problem" bug, then stage to, then email core requesting feedback.
  • Interested parties (including Kurt, Jason, and Gwen, others?) should meet and build a list of features to be completed within 2-3 weeks.

WebEx Recorded Archive

If you wish to review the recording of the web conference, click the link below:

NEMO Teleconference-20101020 1801-1 10/20/10 3:15 pm 77.08MB 1 hour 8 minutes

[Streaming recording link]

[Download recording link]

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