Meeting Notes 20100714 NEMO meeting at UofO - Year 2 Planning

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  • Convened by: NEMO core
  • Notes by: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Where: University of Oregon
  • Attendees: Gwen, Allen, Don, Dejing, Kurt, Jason, Haishan



The goal for this meeting was to priortize Year 2 project goals and to discuss next steps.



To download power point slides, please click on "Media: Presentation 20100809 WebEx Year2 planning - WebEx_AllHands_20100809.pptx" (from [[1]]).

We discussed the following issues and goals for Year 2:

  • Extending NEMO data analysis to support ERP source localization
  • Extending NEMO ontologies to support representation of source-localized patterns in ERP data
  • Creating a "Minimal Information" checklist that is linked to NEMO ontologies and developing a web-based form for entry of experiment meta-data
  • Developing the NEMO backend database and a new web portal
  • Refining RDF data representation and exploring tools for reasoning over RDF dta
  • Adding within- and across-experiment clustering of ERP data to the NEMO_ERP_analysis_toolkit
  • Planning for new NEMO-related grant applications

Action items

  • ERP source localization: Gwen will meet with Don, Phan, Jasmine to learn about recent EGI/NIC work and recommendations for source analysis in Geosource
  • MI checklist: Jason, Kurt & Gwen meet to review MI checklist (proposed fields, structure)
  • NEMO db portal: Kurt do "Hello world" (executed through the portal) using Bob's Microstate analysis (?) as test case. Kurt will contact Bob to coordinate.
  • NEMO RDF data: Haishan will contact Bob to discuss loading of RDF triples into JENA and will draft a strategy for selecting reasoners to perform inferences on data in RDB (relational database) using Virtuoso platform

WebEx Recorded Archive

If you wish to review the recording of the web conference, click the link below:

/wiki/images/1/17/Fish1.png /wiki/images/e/ea/Fish2.png /wiki/images/f/fa/Fish3.png /wiki/images/f/ff/Fish4.png /wiki/images/4/40/Fish5.png /wiki/images/c/c5/Fish6.png
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