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  • Convened by: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Notes by: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Where: WebEx (
  • Attendees: Gwen, Snezana, Haishan, Bob, Tim, Chris, Kerry, Stephanie, Allen



  • Updates on NEMO Analysis Toolkit [30 mins]
  • Updates on querying contents of NEMO ontologies [15 mins]
  • Discussion of new form for querying availability of existing EEG datasets for NEMO meta-analysis [15 mins]
  • Updates on ideas for new grants [5 mins]


No minutes were taken at this meeting.


  • Bob described recent changes to NEMO analysis toolbox, including
    • work to move NEMO_ERP_decomposition code to class-based structures in matlab
    • progress in updating tutorials, documentation
    • availability of new (free) toolboxes at UofO
    • tracking tool versions in sourceforge repository
    • tracking user bug & change requests on sourceforge tracker
  • Haishan introduces his Onto2SS web tool, which points to NEMO ontologies (working folder) on sourceforge, allows selection of individual NEMO modules (spatial, temporal, etc.) and selection of output ("annotation properties")
  • Gwen mentioned plans to design short questionnaire to be filled out at each NEMO site, with list of questions about available EEG datasets ("data" and "functional" parameters linked to NEMO ontologies; selection criteria TBD)
  • Kerry desribed EPRC funding mechanism (U.K.), support for projects with neuroinformatics & med/health/social science aims -- especially research on aging

Action items

  • Bob: Will send around Doodle survey to query NEMO folks about access to matlab (versions) & toolboxes
  • Gwen & Snezana: Will work with Bob to begin reorganizing & updating analysis tools documentation on Wiki
  • Jason: Will work with Bob to get sourceforge tracker for NEMO analysis tools bugs & feature requests up and running. Also look into plug-ins to NEMO wiki to send auto (?) updates or list important changes & updates to NEMO-relevant tools & ontologies -- incl matlab new releases, NEMO tool and doc updates (weekly? monthly?)
  • Haishan: Will add ontology-level attributes (version#, modified date); will ask Gwen for list of annotation properties to include/exclude on Onto2SS link


No slides were presented. See WebEx recording for pointers to NEMO wiki, Murray et al. paper on EEG topographic analysis.

WebEx Recorded Archive

The meeting minutes and WebEx recording will be posted to a new link off

You can also download or listen online to the WebEx recording by clicking here:

NEMO Data Analysis-20100331 1836-1 Wednesday, March 31, 2010 3:35 PM New York Time 56 minutes

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