Meeting Notes 20090923 Teleconference - NEMO Data Analysis

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  • Convened by: Gwen Frishkoff
  • Notes by: Gwen Frishkoff and Jason Sydes
  • Where: Webex Teleconference
  • Attendees: Gwen Frishkoff, Robert Frank, Alex Beaverstone, Dejing Dou, Haishan Liu, Jason Sydes, Paea LePendu, Tim Curran, and Chris Bird
  • Presenter: Robert Frank


The broader agenda includes the following four steps:

  1. Developing pipeline for ERP pattern analysis (transforming continuous spatiotemporal data into discrete patterns for anlaysis)
  2. Generating spatial, temporal, & functional metrics (measures of latency, topography)
  3. Establishing links between patterns across different experiment paradigms
  4. Relating spatial, temporal, & functional metrics to NEMO ontologies, and using meta-analysis results to inform ontological representation of complex patterns (N400, P300, etc.).

The specific agenda for this meeting is focused on Step #1 (ERP pattern analysis).


Raw Transcript

Bob presented an overview of NEMO meta-analysis goals and steps in analysis implementation. The focus was on analysis using temporal PCA for data decomposition, since this is the analysis path that has been most thoroughly tested by our group. Bob also presented an outline of methods for automated windowing or "segmentation" (aka "microstate analysis").

Action items

  • Make a list of new prospective datasets for NEMO meta-analysis (any language-related paradigms involving word vs. nonword contrasts, old vs. new word contrasts, or semantic priming contrasts).
  • Review Bob's slides (see link to ppt and pdf below).
  • Post questions or comments to NEMO consortium list (


Media: Presentation 20090923 Webex5 - Meta 
Analysis First Steps.ppt (as PDF)

WebEx Recorded Archive

If you wish to review the recording of NEMO teleconference #5, click the link below:

   NEMO Data Analysis-20090923 1722
   September 23, 2009, 3:16 pm New York Time
   1 hour 34 mins
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