Meeting Notes 20090805 Phone meeting (Gwen & Paea)

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Phone call: Gwen & Paea

TODO Aug 6-12, 2009

1. Gwen will do the following (by Thurs 8/6/2009):

-create a new file called NEMO_backend.owl, which contains BFO, RO, and NEMO_annotation_properties

-modify NEMO_spatial, _temporal, _functional, _data, and _ERP as follows:

a) delete imports and replace with NEMO_backend.owl

b) check that 5 NEMO owl modules are orthogonal (no overlapping concepts)

c) check that all NEMO concepts have numeric IDs assigned (update 'NEMOlex-07042009_gf_v1.xlsx')

2. Gwen will hand off 7 owl files to Paea, who will do the following (by Wed 8/12/2009):

-Fix the namespace for concepts in each module (concepts in NEMO_spatial should all have namespace=NEMO_spatial, etc.)

-Fix classes _limbo & _deprecated: these classes should belong to NEMO_annotation_properties

-Change URI for all fields (ontology meta-data, classes, etc.) to

-Create a NEMO.owl file that serves as our "top" ontology for NEMO

3. Gwen to check 8 owl files, including top-level NEMO.owl. After verifying, she will submit as v0.85 to BioPortal (by Wed 8/13/2009)


THEN, we have these outstanding issues to resolve:

-- (Paea and Gwen) Get a tutorial on sourceforge from Jason. GOAL:

get our files organized, available, version-controlled, and

forum-tracked online and learn how to maintain it ourselves. Develop

and document those procedures. Make it easy for partners to submit

and track TODO requests.

-- (Paea or Gwen) Look into Protege auto-assigned numeric ids. Does

this feature exist? Formally request it, if not?

-- (Paea or Dejing) Look into an online tool for consortium members

to view and comment on parts of an ontology. Is collaborative Protege

such a tool? (Dejing may know, he went to that workshop.)

-- (Gwen) Consider version tracking at the term-level using new

Protege/OWL2 features. What value/cost is added?

-- (Gwen) Look into MIREOT. What value/cost is added by adopting

this importing strategy?

Uploading latest versions of NEMO owl files to sourceforge... See also #9

- email to Jason & Paea about Tues meeting?

- Versioning on file level

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