Meeting Notes 20090531 Phone meeting (Jason, Gwen, & Allen; 5/31/2009)"

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NEMO phone conf (Jason, Allen, & Gwen)

1. Small changes to current website: (1) add NEMO personnel page; (2) update links to: current ontologies, ontology database portals (e.g., OBO, NCBO BioPortal). Jason will work with Geoff Hulette to implement

  • Who: GF send JS content ASAP (by Wed, Thurs)
  • When: GF get content to JS by June 3; JS implement by June 10 

2. For the future NEMO website -- (1) implement JOOMLA, (2) add WIKI, other "micro-tools" (e.g., browsers for viewing images, etc.)., Using_NCBO_Technology_In_Your_Project. (3) Consider adding joomla "dbq" (database query) to support browsing of NEMO data. (4) tools for coordinating calenders; listing important NEMO events & sending reminders.

  • Who: Jason
  • When: Aug 1 for initial set-up??

3. Web conferencing. Purchase WebEx monthly package (DONE). Schedule one monthly web conference? Use Doodle or AppointmentBookingPro, etc. to manage schedules.

  • Who: Gwen
  • When: Schedule meeting by June 5

4. NEMO source forge: set up wiki page, publicly accessible

5. Set up a different webresource to manage internal discussions -- mailing list/ listserve. See for example. Note it is password protected.

  • Who: Jason
  • When: July 1??
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