Meeting Notes 20090209 Paea's notes on ontology database queries (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan, Paea)

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Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan)


Review issues with NEMOlex

List of Issues:

  1. Spatial Concept: We agreed that in the immediate future we first focus on refining and implementing in OWL those spatial concepts currently in NEMOlex.
  2. Consistency Check: Dejing proposed that we rely on our manual checking of consistency when drawing concept graph in CMAP and implementing/documenting them. Automatic consistency checkers can be used at last for double-checking.
  3. Revision: We agreed on a new method to arrange historical log for revisions of the document. We use “track change” in the latest revision (working version) and keep a copy in the repository with all changes accepted (flat version).
  4. Part_of: We discussed the part_of relationship and clarified that it is different from the subclass (is_a) relationship.
  5. To-do: Gwen will further revise the NEMOlex and address the issues according to the 01/05 version. Gwen will also implement those concepts in CMAP. At the meanwhile, Haishan will go ahead to implement concepts in NEMOlex that is not yet in OWL.
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