Meeting Notes 20081218 Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, Bob and Allen)

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Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, Bob and Allen)


  • Review issues with TKDD paper draft
  • Review to-do list for next month (before and after Winter break) 
  1. Section 4 of TKDD paper: Data mining case studies (methods & results)
    1. First, we need to add requisite details for each subsection of 4 (specifics on data that were input to data mining algorithms, including any preprocessing parameters that were not noted in general intro in 4.1)
    2. Second, we need to evaulate whether original case studies are sufficient to support goals for this paper - or should we redo data mining with new data? 
  2. Update to Dr. Cohen before the break
    1. No more than 2pp
    2. Dejing, Gwen will write up report and send around for review on Monday, Dec 22
    3. Two parts to report:
      1. What have we done in the last 2-3 mos?
      2. What do we plan to complete in the next 2-3 mos? 
  3. Project management 
    1. Priority #1 is to document the work that was done for the case studies reported in TKDD paper, section 4 Haishan to complete next week (by end of Dec)
    2. Also need to set up centralized database/location for backing-up, managing all NEMO documents: including data, results, documentation, write-ups Bob & Allen will get this set up and send note around to group to let us know how it is organized, how to access and where to upload our work
  4. Other work 
    1. HBM'09 - poster submission due on Jan 11. Will propose to present data mapping work with NEMO datasets from different labs in consortium
    2. Need update on Jason's work on database. Allen will meet with him and ask him to contact Gwen to provide update that can be added to Cohen report
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