Meeting Notes 20081121 Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan)

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Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan)

Topic: review the ontology development and plan on future work

(The meeting ended earlier because Gwen needed to catch transit, but we reached agreements on most issues)

  1. ontology development 

Haishan needs to address the changes in ontology according to the documents first; make changes in the documents accordingly.

  1. represent spatial relationship between electrode 

We still don't know exactly how to define 3d coordinates in ontology

We want to at least link coordinates with ROI

3) Dejing will add something to the NCBO paper to address how ontology can help mark up data.

4) At this moment we seem to have reached a milestone in NEMO ontology development. In the near future, Haishan will be mainly focusing on running experiments and preparing a submission to KDD09 using NEMO as a case study.

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