Meeting Notes 20081105 Phone meeting to discuss CDI proposal (Dejing, Gwen, Jeff and Jess)

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Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Jeff, & Jessica)

Topic: Planning for CDI preproposal

  1. Due date is December 9, 2008!
    • Dejing is the lead PI on this proposal. Jess taking the lead on NIH PAR427 (due in Jan)
  2. Jess asked question about scope of the proposed EEG and fMRI ontologies that we will develop. Related question is how ontologies will be used for marking up data.
    • ERP and fMRI patterns - sets of spatial & temporal attributes that can be correlated with experiment (functional) attributes
  3. What are we mining the data for? What is the final goal for the ontology-based data mining/discovery?
    • Classification of patterns in data… in such a way that annotated patterns can be used for ontology-based mapping/integration.
  4. What is the role of data mining in ontology development?
    • Data mining can be applied to summary metrics for EEG or fMRI data to develop ontologies in purely data-driven way. However, the major issus here are: (1) transparency of resulting concepts in the ontology; (2) accuracy/generalizability to new datasets. On the other hand, data mining can be used to verify concepts in existing ontologies, to be sure that ontologies can be used for marking up data, answering queries over data, etc. The integration of top-down and bottom-up approaches in ontology development is a problem that is central to NEMO. May also need to be addressed for this project.
  5. Jeff  - What are the inputs to the data mining?
    • Vectors of spatial, temporal features that characterize patterns in the data (typically, spatial for fMRI; both spatial & temporal for EEG/ERP)
  6. Jeff - Pros and cons of representing patterns in individual subject data, versus experiment-level patterns. Notes that marking patterns single subjects may not be necessary, may introduce more noise. Consider focusing on mapping patterns in group-averaged data.
  7. We agreed there should be no new data collection proposed for this effort. Focus will be on analysis of existing, legacy data, probably existing auditory oddball (perhaps also MMN) studies.
    • Practical issues - identifying existing datasets, obtaining permission to reuse them for this project
    • fBIRN auditory oddball datasets from schizophrenic, normal participants?
    • Jeff's/Einat's/Merav's MMN and auditory oddball experiments with joint EEG/fMRI measures?
    • Others from NEMO consortium?
  8. Next phone meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 10 at 3pm PT
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