Meeting Notes 20081029 Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan)

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Phone meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Haishan)

Topic: revision on current design of the NEMO_ERP ontology.

  1. We decided that we need to follow some mechanism for collaborative editing of the technical documents, e.g., track change in Word. Gwen may post some directions in the future. 
  1. We should find those classes (e.g., Biomaterial_object) that have definitions in upper biological ontologies such as BirnLex, and import those classes instead of define them locally in the NEMO ontology. 
  1. We decided to define 128 electrode channels as subClassOf electrode. 
  1. We need to come up with some spatial measurement system for the electrodes. 
  1. International 10-10 vs. GSI 
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