Meeting Notes 20081027 Meeting with Jessica (10/27/2008)

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Phone Meeting (Dejing, Gwen, and Jessica Turner)

Topic: Planning for PAR-07-425 NIH grant proposal

  1. Dejing pointed us to a somewhat related NSF proposal: CDI (see Trak for program announcement) 
    • We agreed to target a preproposal, due on Jan 9 (2009), to this program
    • We discussed whether the focus for CDI and 425 should be somewhat different?
    • Our intention for both is to focus on: 
      • Extending NEMO ontology methods to fMRI results (patterns)
      • Mapping representations of ERP, fMRI results 
    • One suggestion was to focus more on the role of data mining (bottom-up method) in CDI and more on the conventional, top-down approach for 425.
    • Dejing will take lead on outlining some specific aims for CDI - by next Monday, Nov 3 
  2. We discussed the problem of integrating top-down (BFO style) and bottom-up (Dejing style) approaches 
    • Jessica pointed us to USC work in this area:
    • Tradeoffs in logic/langauge development. All logics should be sound, computable. Problem is tradeoff between expressiveness & completeness [GF-hope I summarized this correctly]
    • Dejing gave overview of some different ontologies, the tradeoffs in expressivity vs. completeness
    • OWL sacrifices some expressivity in favor of completeness. It derived from DL (FOL). Some groups (such as USC Omega) have argued that this is an important limitation of OWL
    • SWRL is more expressive. Based on Horn logics.
    • We could encode some concepts,relations that OWL can't handle in SWRL, powerloom, etc. The problem in this case may be putting together pieces of ontologies coded in different languages/logics. Syntax not a big problem (can be handled with wrappers/translators). Problem is potential gaps in semantics… 
  3. Summary aims for PAR-425 
    • Gwen will take initial stab at outlining some specific aims (by next Tuesday, Nov 4 - ELECTION DAY!)
    • Then iterate with Jessica & Dejing 
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