Meeting Notes 20081010 NEMO ontology working meeting (10/10/2008)

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Working Meeting (Dejing, Gwen, Haishan, Paea and Jessica)

  1. Discussion of ontology revision plan (“NEMO_ontology_revision_10082008gf.pdf” - archived under NEMOtechnicalreports link on Trac Wiki)
    • Discussion of core SNAP and SPAN ontologies within BFO - top-level concepts for NEMO.
    • SNAP (or snapshot) ontologies -- continuant entities such as three-dimensional enduring objects
    • SPAN ontologies -- processes conceived as extended through (or as spanning) time.
    • We agree that BFO will be imported into NEMO_ERP owldoc in its entirety. Add a Trac ticket'''''
    • Also import BFO relation ontology Add a Trac ticket'''''
  2. BFO 'spatial region' vs. 'site'
    • Should scalp_region be classified as a spatial region as shown in Fig 1?
    • We decide “no” after consulting with members of BFO (see discussion on
    • From BFO manual:
      As a general rule, unless one is building a domain ontology for the representation of information about physics, information about location and place should be treated in terms of BFO site, not in terms of BFO spatial region.
  3. Defining subregions of the scalp -- Union of the sub_regions constitutes the Scalp_Region...? (PLP)
  4. Make is_lateral_to and is_caudal_to subproperties of adjacent_to... (PLP)
  5. Get the collaboration part in CMap set up asap (Haishan to do). Add a Trac ticket'''''


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