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Multibrands is a manufacturer and distributor of fast moving consumer export goods and is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

The Company

Multibrands is a manufacturer and distributor of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG Every day convenience branded products such as batteries, baby wipes and toothpaste usually bought from supermarkets and mini marts. These products are used by people on a frequent, sometimes daily basis and often merge into the daily routine of peoples lives. They are used in activities such as washing, personal hygiene and leisure.

There are thousands of FMCG brands on supermarket shelves, however most of these brands are owned and distributed by a relatively small number of giant corporations and their subsidiaries. Multibrands is relatively unique in its position as a smaller independent company trading in this market sector and competing head on around the world with the current global giants that dominate the market.

Multibrands started trading as a wholesaler of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) in 1998, distributing locally sourced goods around the UK from its depot in Bradford, West Yorkshire UK. At the time many popular globally branded products were marketed around the world with manufacturers selling the same brand of product at different and wide ranging RSPs (Suggested retail price). Quite often the same brand of product would be offered for sale much cheaper in some countries than others, the price of supply being controlled by the manufacturers.

Multibrands used their entrepreneurial skills to source and import branded goods on the grey market. Purchasing them at the best price and then redistributing the products at more competitive prices in the United Kingdom. By 2002 Multibrands had become the largest parallel goods trader in the UK.



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