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For most countries in the world, their leading export and China Trading Company or import trading partners in terms of value is either the European Union, or to a lesser degree, the United States. Other countries like China, Japan, Russia, Brazil and South Africa are emerging as significant markets or source countries in different parts of the world. For a guide on Exports, please refer to Global imports guide.

Individually for each European Union member trade with all other European Union members collectively is greater than any other trading partner. The European Union and the United States are each other's largest export market. However both the European Union and the United States have China as their largest origin of imports. China's own largest source of imports is Japan, which in turn has China as its largest import and export trading partner. In other parts of the world the European Union or the United States is the largest trading partner, however other leading trading countries may be the most prominent in certain countries. Brazil, Russia and South Africa are becoming increasingly dominant in their respective regional areas.

Some isolated countries depend on a larger neighbour to be their largest trading partner - Venezuela is Cuba's key export market, while Uzbekistan is the leading origin of imports into Tajikistan and Afghanistan, its landlocked neighbours. The largest import and export merchandise trade partners for most countries of the world are listed below. Details for the European Union, Hong Kong and Macau are also included. In most cases the data relates to 2009 rankings. Data was extracted from the World Trade Organization's Trade Profile Database.



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