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A rough compilation of use cases for the database.


Note that RDF and CSV data will be stored in separate tables, as they are different. This is despite that RDF and CSV are overlapping. Work in progress, subject to change.

As a use-case scenario, imagine this: a consumer application of our data will ask, "I want to do some formal logic reasoning. Mr. Database, please give me all the RDF triples for experiment numbers 5, 7, and 23 so I can feed it directly into my SPARQL engine to do some meta-analysis." The database will then dump out the requested subset of RDF triples and the corresponding ontology that goes with it, in proper RDF syntax, for the SPARQL automated reasoning application to use. (via NEMO Milestones Tracker)


Another use-case: "Mr. Database, please just give me one big spreadsheet of the summary metrics for all experiments having to do with visual word studies because I want to have a quick look at it." The database will then likely just read over the CSV tables to get a dump of the spreadsheet (perhaps with an accompanying legend or README explaining the attributes?) for a human to browse. (via NEMO Milestones Tracker)

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