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The following researchers have contributed EEG and MEG data to support our initial cross-lab meta-analyses and NEMO database development. A complete listing of the experiments can be found under the Experiments tab. For each dataset there is a description of the experiment paradigm using concepts from a modified version of the BrainMap schema (authored by Angela Laird). For two datasets (GAF-LP1, CP-WL1) we have provided additional data, metadata, and image representations that illustrate results from our prototype pattern analysis framework (Frishkoff, et al., 2007).


  • Dr. John Connolly, Professor, Linguistics & Languages, McMaster University
  • Dr. Randy Newman, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Acadia University, Nova Scotia


  • Dr. Kerry Kilborn, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Glasgow University

United States

  • Dr. Anto Bagic, Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Tim Curran, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Colorado
  • Dr. Joseph Dien, Associated Professor of Psychology, University of Kansas
  • Dr. David Huber, Professor of Psychology, University of California at San Diego
  • Dr. Dennis Molfese, Professor of Psychology, University of Louisville
  • Dr. Amy Overman, Assistant Professor of Biological Psychology, Elon University
  • Dr. Charles Perfetti, Professor of Psychology and Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Don Tucker, Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon
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