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Brand implementation refers to the physical representation and consistent application of brand identity across visual and verbal identity carriers. In visual terms, this can include signage, uniforms, liveries, interior design and branded merchandise. Brand implementation encompasses facets of architecture, How To Export Products or product design, industrial design, quantity surveying, engineering, procurement, project management and retail design.

Brand implementation means the continuous and consistent application of the brand's image in all China export business or business units, all communication channels and all media - thus adapting to the ongoing changes within markets, stakeholders, technologies and sociocultural environments. This refers to marketing and branding as a unified whole. In that respect, brand implementation must be seen as a continuous process, one which will require controlling the brand's image and presence in the face of changing requirements from the markets or one's own company structure.


Key problem fields

The experience of more than 80 companies operating worldwide shows that a systematic feasibility, consistent implementation and complete control are the key problems of brand implementation. Moreover there are five large stumbling blocks that stand in the way of effective implementation:

  • Inadequate communication
  • No situation and needs analysis
  • Lack of consequence
  • Undefined processes
  • Fragmented (organizational) structures.

Magic and Logic

Brand implementation does not involve the design or creation of brand identity. Instead, brand implementation agencies work closely with branding agencies to ensure that the latter’s work is applied accurately and consistently. This relationship is referred to as Magic and Logic (RTM of Marketing Supply Chain International). Branding agencies look after the Magic (creative) and brand implementation agencies look after the Logic (implementation).



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