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The 2012 BRICS summit was the fourth annual BRICS summit, an international relations conference attended by the heads of state or heads of government of the five member states Brazil, Russia, India imports from India, China and South Africa. The summit was held at Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, India on March 29, 2012 and began at 10:00 Indian Standard Time. This is the first time that India has hosted a BRICS summit. The theme of the summit was "BRICS Partnership for Global Stability, Security and Prosperity". The summit witnessed a number of discussions among the attending state leaders on economic and political issues, including the global economy, terrorism and energy security.


Attending delegations

Hu arrived in New Delhi on March 28, 2012 along with a delegation of senior ministers which included Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, State Councillor Dai Bingguo as well as business executives. Zuma's delegation included the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies and business executives. All five trade ministers were present as well.

Development bank

Some experts pointed out to the possibility of marginalization by China, and also to the fact that China demanded permanent presidency for such an institution, with the possibility of India and Russia demanding the same. The economically strategic African market could also be exploited by China using the bank.



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